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  • http://n/a PC

    I would like to begin by mentioning that I love your magazine and have been a subscriber for over five years, since I first heard of KoreAm when I was in high school. I moved and changed my mailing address last year and attempted multiple times to update my address with you guys via phone calls and voicemails so that the address for the magazines I have paid for would be sent to the correct address. I left messages and I’m pretty sure I also sent emails to request this address change. However, no one ever responded to me and I have not received a single subscription at my new address. I’m assuming that my request was never fulfilled and the new residents of my previous locations continued to enjoy my paid for magazines. This was pretty upsetting, given that I attempted several times to make this address correction. This is a shame because I love your magazine, however, I am upset about this incident so I am not planning on becoming a subscriber again or anytime soon.

  • KoreAm Editor

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks so much for your interest in subscribing to KoreAm! I believe the problem some readers were talking about is that our magazine, unlike others, has a different publishing schedule. So, you will receive the December issue roughly between Dec. 13-26, depending on where in the country you live. But we work very hard to make sure we address reader concerns–ie, if someone never received a certain issue, we will resend. If you have any problems, you can email me, Julie Ha, the editor-in-chief, at, or call 310-769-4913×232. If you’d like to subscribe, please email Jennifer Wong, who handles subscriptions, at, or call 310-769-4913×221. I appreciate that, given money is tight, you have an interest in subscribing to our magazine. Thank you!

  • Christine

    Hi, I am very interested in subscribing to this magazine, but I see alot of posted comments regarding issues not being received. Money is tight so I’m quite choosey about where my disposable cash is spent. Please let me know if this issue has been ironed out before I start a subscription. Thanks.

  • Ms. Havilah Iapalucci


    I have taught in Korea, on and off over 15 years, written an ESL textbook, Impressions of
    Modern Korea and have another book now with many topics on Korea. A teaching position
    or opportunity to see my work on Korea published here is what I am writing about.
    Would you magazine be interested to see my work – topics and photos? Do you know
    of any school teaching mostly Korean kids and or adults English – that might be looking
    for a teacher? 773-878-1243 in Chicago

  • Y. Peter Kang

    A 1-year subscription to South Korea is $228 because it costs $17 to ship one issue of the magazine. Call Jennifer at 310-769-4913 if interested.

  • Andrew Woo

    Hello, I’ve heard your magazine is really good and have become interested. I’d like to subscribe to your magazine, however I was wondering if I could subscribe to it even though I live in Korea?

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  • megan lee

    yeah!! please subscribe :)

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