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Posted: August 14th, 2013
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Wanna be on the cover of KoreAm?

It’s something we take pride in (and chuckle at) all the time here at KoreAm. Through the years, many notable Korean Americans have come up to us and declared that it’s their dream to be on the cover of KoreAm. Umma would be so proud.

Unfortunately, since we only have 12 covers a year, we just can’t showcase everyone. That’s why we’ve launched the exclusive web feature, I Am KoreAm.

With I Am KoreAm, we’re placing the spotlight on you, everyday people who make up our wonderfully diverse community. We hope to feature a different Korean American reader every week.

To put yourself in the running, send a photo of yourself to jamesskim@iamkoream.com with the subject heading “I AM KOREAM.” The photo should be of just yourself (with no other folks next to you or in the background) and it should show a bit of your personality. Include your full name, age, city, occupation and the best way to reach you.

Then fill in the blank.

I Am KoreAm and proud because _______________________________.

If selected, we’ll send you a questionnaire and you’ll be on your way to being featured on IAmKoreAm.com!

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  • agiotom

    Drunken Tiger and David Choi collaborated together at Kollaboration Star this past weekend: http://youtu.be/nMII4iW33Ak

  • http://Koream Chuck

    I found this site to be very helpful for my visit to Chicago. I found great food, shops, and people to make my visit with my wife very enjoyable. I am not Korean, my wife is, though i lived in Pusan from age 4-12 while my father worked for a fishing fleet. What i love most about America’s large cities are the distinct ethnic areas, reinforcing the notion that America is not a “melting pot” but more of a “salad bowl”.

  • dmack

    hey so i totally get what Goguryeo is saying here but..

    it is still important to distinguish Korean Americans from Koreans.
    it’s a totally different culture and way of life. and by having things like this in the u.s. that are just for “koreams” can be very helpful because it acknowledges and appreciates those differences. it is hard for korean-americans and koreans to understand some of the same views, values, opinions, preferences… because they were raised and grew up very very differently.

    but i do get what your saying about the brain drain thing. however, the purpose of this publication is beneficial.

    AND yes sir is racist and needs to get a life.

  • MC

    @Goguryeo, this is a site in which Korean-Americans take can pride in who we are. Nobody asked you for your criticisms or your political views. I’m a Korean-American and I live my life proudly. We are not our nations’ politics. Stop spewing your anti-American garbage on a Koream website. Get a life.

  • im not korean, not even koream and i dont wish to be one

    tfgygdd, i dont like the way that “yes sir” wrote about koreans, what do u mean by if theyre full koreans it’ll be a different story… r u saying theyre stupid or have not good genetics? i dont know whats racism that good, but i understood that ure frickin racist

  • Goguryeo

    Wow… I just stumbled onto this website and I’m truly disappointed….. You know the creators of this website should really take a “Race and Ethnic Relations Sociology” class…. Just the fact u defame the name “Korean” into a corny degrading name “Koream” is proof enough you wish our people to assimilate into the immoral primitive culture of america. Are you aware of the “Brain Drain?” If not you should Google it but let me give you a quick overview. Abstractly it means attracting people from all over the world and basically “USING” them for their smarts. Example: German scientists from WWII were brought over to america through “project paperclip” to utilize their talents. america debauches people from all over the world luring them in with promises of freedom (which is slowly being taken away daily), tempting lifestyles, false hope, media (the most powerful psychological influence weapon), and the list goes on forever, then utilizes them for their smarts brainwashing you in the process that this country is so great and that you are part of this “great” nation. It’s all part of the game. This is all innate conquering knowledge that we all carry. Think about it wouldn’t you do the same if you were in power? You might think we’re treated equally and that there’s nothing wrong with this filthy country but your 100% wrong and need to do your research. Take a “Race and Ethnic Relations Sociology” class and you’ll begin to grasp what I mean.

  • yes sirr

    Ursula Mayes, Rachel Sterling, too many 1/2 Korean hotties with bodies!!! the white side gives ‘em the good genetics, but if they were full Korean, it’d be a different story

  • ems

    Celeste Thorson should be on your cover, she is def one of the hottest Korean Americans out there. Luv her!

  • http://korean kate

    add me in facebook sweet09_mitch@yahoo.com

  • http://korean kate


  • aishwarya

    hey !!..i not Korean but i really really like Korea!!! :D


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